Happy. Home. Safe.

Your Community Security Experts
We use high-visibility patrol vehicles, which help deter those who might want to commit a crime on your property. We provide our services to keep your community safe. Our trained officers are here to make sure that security is maintained in your area. We offer mobile patrol security and will stop by your area for random tours throughout the day. Keep in mind that we document every action that occurs on your property, so you can always track progress via a mobile patrol report, should you need it.

​Obsidian Security Patrol vehicles provide a high visibility deterrent and protection to your community. Enforcement techniques will be implemented in order to establish a peace of mind within your HOA by addressing graffiti, vandalism, loitering, aggressive panhandling, and other major concerns. Obsidian Security offers mobile patrol that increase the productivity and efficiency of our officer’s time on your property. Our services include routine mobile patrol tours to your property providing a peace of mind for all homeowners within your community.

​The security service we provide makes it easy for you to view records of activity at any time, day or night.