The complete security solution for your community.

Obsidian Security is a leading provider of professional security services to businesses in need of protection both inside and outside their facilities. Our goal is to keep your employees, property, and guests safe at all times, and we are more than willing to discuss the level of security you need to ensure these goals are always achieved.

We are sensitive to the needs of your business and its particular security needs, and we tailor our approach to meet those needs. We have a wide range of experience working with many types of businesses, and we are aware that each one has differing security requirements.

Hotel security is about more than just locking and unlocking doors—responsibility sometimes means checking-in on guests and being able to spot suspicious behavior. With our unique approach to hotel security, you’ll know every detail of your property is secure.

When guests see security guards at work, they are reassured that the hotel staff is taking precautions to protect their persons and valuables. Security guards man all entrances and patrol the grounds of the hotel even when they are not visible to the guests.

Our security consultants are highly trained and know how to act quickly and effectively in any given situation, so you can rest easy knowing that we have your back. We do all this while remaining cordial and professional, which makes Obsidian Security a valuable resource for your hotel / condominium and for your guests.